Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Bio Fit Plus! making my baby fit and healthy this pandemic

Bio Fit Plus! making my baby fit and healthy this pandemic

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This pandemic continues to give a hassle to us parents, especially now that my daughter is preparing to go to school. My Atreu is now 4 years old and we’re trying to make her feel at ease with how she will learn by going to school- homeschooling that is, and there are already a lot of challenges that occur. I would want her to mingle with other kids and share some knowledge with them physically but I know this is not possible with the current situation. Not being able to socialize and being forced to stay at home can bring fatigue and will weaken her immune system.

But with all these, I am glad that I give Atreu Bio-Fit Plus to help strengthen her memory and resistance. Bio-Fit Plus! “MEMORYA at RESISTENSYANG maluFIT sa batang bio-fit.”

The Health Benefits of Bio-Fit Plus is that it has Folic Acid, other B-Vitamins, Vitamin C and Zinc.

It contains the combination of Folic acid has a synergistic effect with other B-vitamins for further brain development that may enhance memory. Suitable for children’s day to day activities, online schooling, and soon face-to-face classes. It also has a combination of Vitamin C and Zinc which helps boost our children’s immune system most especially in this time of the pandemic, where it is needed most. With the help of these combinations Folic Acid, other B-Vitamins, Vitamin C and Zinc. Bio-Fit Plus will surely help our children to cope with these challenging times. Not only that, what’s interesting about bio-fit is that it has a PLUS! It contains TLC which stands for T for TAURINE for a healthy heart. L for LYSINE for better appetite. C for Chlorella Growth Factor for maximum growth potential. Aside from TLC, it also has Vitamins A, D, and E which we know that these vitamins are also essential for children’s everyday healthier living. Vitamin A for good eyesight, Vitamin D for strong bones; and Vitamin E a powerful anti-oxidant.

With our help, her parents, I know that Atreu will be guided comfortably and will still learn no matter what the situation is. We just need her to be strong and healthy, and everything will go to its perfect place.