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On Beating Covid 19

On Beating Covid 19

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It all started one night when I had a terrible headache. I did not fret since this is not the first time. As you know, nursing while working from home is not that easy and I tell you, I had my fair share of having difficulty with this set-up. Not that I am complaining though, but most of the time, it is really draining and it could get the best of you. I tried looking for house help, we tried 3 times, but all three of them did not last a day. Until I got tired of looking for one and I figured I can do all this by myself- which I did until this virus hit me.

I just wanted to sleep so bad but my 2-year-old won’t let me. You know babies this age, they’re hyper and don’t know when it’s time to rest and sleep. I was on the verge of falling asleep but can’t which really frustrated me. I was still working by this time but decided to pause and continue tomorrow. It took about 2 more hours for me to do finally sleep. I slept for about 3-4 hours, only to wake up with a fever. I got up, got myself a blanket, socks, and changed into pajamas to warm me up a bit. I woke up around 7 am and felt so exhausted.

I had a fever for 2 days after I suffered from that headache. To be honest, I panicked a bit because rarely do I get a fever- the first time again in 2 years. So, I asked myself, “What could this be? Could this be Covid?”. So, I took Biogesic and continued my Vitamins (currently, I am taking Fortima, Cecon, Atienza Malunggay) I got better. After 2 days, I no longer had a fever and was able to get back to work and I feel normal. But after 2 days, I lost my sense of taste. I knew then that I needed to do something.

I immediately contacted an online doctor and asked for assistance. My Doctor told me that I am “covid probable” and that I should isolate and monitor myself and be mindful of any more symptoms. She advised drinking more water, at least 3Liters a day, take Immunopro, Sinupret for the clogged nose, and Cetirizine. I asked if there’s a need for antibiotics, the Doctor said no.

And then, my 2-year-old got a fever. This what’s scared me the most. My memory of watching the 1-year-old boy from Dubai who died from Covid is still fresh from my memory and that’s what made me weak. I was scared but I knew I needed to do something and take care of my baby. I gave her paracetamol for the fever to subside. I monitored her for a day and made sure she takes medicine every 4 hours. Good thing, the fever was gone after a day and she’s back to being an active and playful kid. This time, I isolated myself. My husband took care of the kids while I was up in my room alone. And then, my eldest got a fever, followed by my husband. Even my sister who’s helping us with the kids got a fever, too. It was so hard. Honestly, it was beyond hard. I can’t think of anything while my baby would constantly cry to have her breastmilk, and won’t let go of me. But still, I couldn’t watch her beg for it. I know I needed to give her milk. I have no choice but to nurse her. Nobody will take care of my kids. So, I continued breastfeeding her. I made sure that I wash my hands every time I touch my girls, spray alcohol, I wore a facemask 24/7. I also ensure that I give them a bath every day. I am not sure if this is enough but I just prayed I won’t infect them with a virus

Luckily, my kids are doing great. No more fever, no colds or cough and I got my sense of smell back. It took probably a good 10 days, then my sense of smell came back as well. I removed my facemask after 20 long days. I finally can smell my babies’ breaths, my favorite smell in the world.

I couldn’t be happier that it was all over for us. If you’re feeling these symptoms and feel demotivated or sad, I hope this would lighten up your mood knowing that this can be beaten, with a good amount of rest, proper sanitation, and positive thoughts. I wish and pray that this will be over the soonest and I pray for everyone’s safety and wellness.