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Fat Fook – now in Makati!

Fat Fook – now in Makati!

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Fat Fook is now near my office and I’m such a happy kid.  Located at Glorietta 1, Level 2, I can finally have my Taiwanese Food craving satisfied.  Started by a Taiwanese Chef, they offer authentic Taiwanese food the way they serve in Taiwan. The place is a bit small compare to their other branches but still holds some people in. Just make sure to be here early if dining in big groups.
Here’s what we tried during their opening:
This perfectly fried chicken was well seasoned. Known to be popular in Taiwan, it has a taste of Asian flavor to it. Probably because of its marinate. I like that the breading was not hard to chew on.

Fat Fook Chicken Chop (238Php)

Soft jelly like chilled Tofu, love all of them when combined together. The sauce tasted sweet with a bit of spicy kick to it. Pork floss was too flavorful in a good way. This is a good starter.
Tofu with Century Egg and Pork Floss (198Php)

This is something I can take with me to a movie. But could go on with a rice with it too.  It was tender and a bit salty for me.
Salt and Pepper Chicken Cubes (248Php)

Served with a little straw to help you sip the soup in.  This is really one flavorful XLB. The meat was soft and you can tell that this was cooked in long hours to have this thick taste.
Giant Xiao Long Bao (188Php)

The Salted Egg is evident in every bite. I like that the wanton wrap was thin but it can still hold the soup in it.
Salted Egg Xiao Long Bao (198Php) 

With thin sliced garlic in between them, this Sausage has a bit sweet yet savory taste along with the garlic. I remember munching on this way more than I should because it was that good.
Taiwanese Sausage (288Php)

The noodles were firm and glass-like so the soup does not stick to it. You have to really drink the soup from the bowl. Beef were delicious, tender and just so good.
There’s actually steps to follow when having this Braised Soup. First, you have to taste the original  stewed flavor soup. Then, put 2-3 spoonful of braised gravy into the beef noodle soup to turn it into braised soup flavor. Lastly, put some noodles in a small bowl and mix with braised gravy. Then add some vegetables and mix everything in.
Taiwanese Beef Noodles (258Php)

This Cua Pao tasted good! The soft bun was soft and chewy, the pork was thoroughly marinated and the flavor just burst in your mouth.
Cua Pao (188Php)

These lovely Shrimps were coated with Salted Egg. This is really heavenly! Being a shrimp lover, I definitely conclude that Salted Egg blends really well with Shrimp. Well, what does not? Salted Egg now is being put in too many food but this by far is my favorite pair.
Salted Egg Shrimp (398Php)

This soft, well steamed fish was cooked perfectly. They made sure to remove that fishy smell with its sauce.
Steamed King Fish (418Php) 

That’s mixture of sausage, vegetables, egg. It was pan fried with all that Chinese flavor to it. It perfectly suites all the the dishes we had.
Taiwanese Style Fried Rice (258Php)

If you’re up for a challenge, I suggest you order their Fried Stinky Tofu (198Php)
It was fermented in weeks that’s what the smell came from. It will not be called Stinky if it wasn’t. I tried it and I kind of liked the texture of the tofu and when dipped with their sauce. But the smell is something I cannot stand.
Here’s some desserts we’ve tried:
There’s fresh Mango and flavored Mango in this bowl. Love the Cheesecake on top, by the way. And that Vanilla Ice Cream? Totally creamy.
Shaved Ice Mango Flavor (288Php)

Who wouldn’t like Taho? This is perfect way to end a meal too.
Taho – (298Php – Sharing)

They also have Milk Tea available. For only 118php you can get huge serving already. I wasn’t able to finish it myself because it was that big for me.
Taro Milk Tea

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Address: Second Floor, Glorietta 1, Ayala Center, Glorietta Complex, Makati City
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