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Polka Dot Bakeshop – Cakes for all occasions

Polka Dot Bakeshop – Cakes for all occasions

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Polka Dot Bakeshop is a place where you will enjoy a morning or a late afternoon snack. Also, if you’re having a celebration, I highly suggest you go to this place as they have different cakes to cater all occasions.
Located in Adriatico, Malate, this building isn’t hard to miss.
With cozy and relaxing ambiance, this is where I will enjoy reading a book with a cup of coffee and a slice of cake.
Not only that they offer cakes but they have savory ones too.  They have Ensaymada, that fluffy and cheesy bread perfect for a cup of coffee or tea.
The Empanada, when I had a bite, I was speechless. Their Empanada is one of the most cheapest and tastiest I’ve had. For only 20 pesos each, it’s so stuffed! There’s two flavors available, Pork and Tuna. Something I want to carry with me anywhere I go when I needed a quick munch.
Now, talking about the cakes. I love that theirs wasn’t all too sweet. The cakes were not all fluffy. It was thick,moist and heavy on the tummy too.
The Chocolate Cake is perfect for a birthday.  Assuming that most people loves chocolate, this is something that will definitely make you feel spoiled. Chocolate is always a good idea. Now, this is something I’d want to have again. The thick chocolate icing was really heavenly.

Salted Caramel Cake

This Salted Caramel Cake is something we can give to our other half when we just feel like being extra sweet. Love this cake and the saltiness was balanced and made me want to eat more and more.
The Yuki Mousse, this is something we can have if there’s a baptism. Because of the color, the symbol is perfect for welcoming a baby into the Christian world. Or maybe if you’re just a guy and your courting someone and you wanted to show that your intention is pure. Haha! But seriously, this was something that I remember because of it’s so soft and white custard cake. The texture was so smooth and even though it was covered in white chocolate, it still wasn’t too sweet.
This Mother’s Day, this is a perfect cake to give to your mom. Isn’t this so lovely? This cake is made from layers of lemon custard and sweet creamy filling.
Lemon Torte Cake

This cake is something we can give to our father on Father’s Day. The rough edges of the Walnut yet sweetness of the Cherry is perfect symbol for our Dads.  This tastes so delicious. There’s a bit of an alcohol in it if I’m not mistaken but that is something very light.
Walnut Chocolate Gateau

They also offer Ramen which I would love to try on my next visit.
Address: Adriatico Corner Remedios Street, Malate, Manila
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