Thursday, April 18, 2024

Prego Trattoria – Affordable Italian Food

Prego Trattoria – Affordable Italian Food

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Prego Trattoria in SM Aura provides affordable dishes than their upscale brand in City of Dreams. Prego Trattoria stays true to its name serving authentic Italian dishes. They have 2 branches in SM Aura, facing each other. The other is near the escalator where the kitchen is located and the other is with the bar.

They also sell Italian cheese, pasta and wine. Cold cuts are also available here.

Parma Ham – Every Titas will surely enjoy this platter. The saltiness of Ham goes well with the fresh Melon. Olives and capers were on the side too.

Sausage Pizza – Thin, chewy crust with Italian sauce and their signatures sausage. Just 2 slices of this pizza is enough to make you full. But that’s just me. That’s because of the generous amount of sausage in it plus the cheese and Italian sauce.

Tajerin al Tartufo (P390 Regular) – Made from the scratch thin pasta in thick, creamy truffle sauce. No wonder this is a best seller. The firm pasta holds the sauce so perfectly. I enjoyed this dish so much that even when I’m full, I still had to eat more of this.

They also have affordable cocktails. A glass of Sangria and their new Rose Mary Kiss. Only for P150 each. That’s one full big glass.