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RichCorp – on making Lagundi as a remedy on fighting Covid-19

RichCorp – on making Lagundi as a remedy on fighting Covid-19

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If there’s one thing we could like about Covid-19 is that it taught us to be resourceful. To go back and use herbal medicine as one of its treatments and medications. Remember the time when the Pandemic swiped out all Paracetamol in the markets? We had to settle with what’s left. And luckily, we are abundant with Lagundi and it did make all the difference in ones’ health who suffers from mild Covid-19.

Lagundi is proven to effectively treat wounds, headaches, ulcers, skin diseases, diarrhea, and the common cold, among many others. It is also proven to treat mild Covid-19 symptoms.

RichCorp (Roqs International Consumer Health Corp.) is a modern green consumer company that specializes in natural organic ingredients for health care (food supplements, and herbal medicines) personal care and household care that combines wealth of experience and expertise in providing innovative, improved and global quality products that enhances consumer lifestyle, health and well-being.

President Mr. Patrick D. Roquel, and wife Medical Director Dra. Elinor Tee-Roquel, are both passionate in their advocacy to provide and deliver the best Lagundi (Vitex Negundo L.). Since it was advised that Lagundi helps in improving ones health with mild Covid-19 symptoms, they aim to make everyone aware of its health benefits not just as a medicinal plant but also a food supplement.

With Immune Advance as one of their products, Lagundi is now being taken as food supplement to give strong immunity and more. It is made from 100% Natural ingredients and is 4in1 Food Supplement.

It has Lagundi 200mg, Moringa Oleifera 176mg, Sodium Ascorbate120mg, and Zinc 400mg.


Other products they offer as Citronella Andas Spray and Sanitizes, Loco Mosquin, and Happy Cha.

And with Dengue cases soaring high, these products are a must-have!

We recently had a farm and plant tour in Tanauan, Batangas and we were able to witness the wonders of how these products come to life. The Lagundi and other herbal medicines in the farm were all nurtured and take care of.

It is said that during the harvesting process, the plants should be delivered to the plantation area within 2 hours to maintain its freshness. And that’s what happens.

In this photo, you can see how vivid the color of the Immune Advance which maintained its freshness so the efficacy is high.

Mr. Cecar Pecho is the Head Farmer talked about how easy it was to take care of Lagundi.

One thing I love about RichCorp is how they take care of the farmers. They made sure they are properly compensated and they have food on the table. More so, they help their family members attend to school.

It was a fun learning tour we had here at Binhi Biofarm. Please watch my Youtube Video here for more information: