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Summer Loving at Sheraton Manila

Summer Loving at Sheraton Manila

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Our family loves Staycations and I’m just so glad I was able to book a room at Sheraton this summer.  I’ve been eyeing their pool for some time now because my kids are such mermaids, and I know they would love this. I kept it a secret while on our way there. I didn’t tell them we were going on a Staycation until we reached the hotel. They were all ecstatic and jumped for joy.


When we get there, they ushered me to the lobby and held my bags going in. I have 2 kids with me and that really was such a relief. 😀  The check-in process was smooth and fast, as well.

It was a big room for the 3 of use. My kids were amazed by the airplanes lined neatly.

The King size bed smelled nice and clean. We just had an issue with the smell because it still smelled white flower which to me was fine but I don’t know about the kids 😀

My Ate Atreu loves scribbling something on the hotel’s notepads, so if you happed to read one during your stay, yes, that must be hers.

They provided us with an airport view, 1 King Size Bed with tub. With 2 kids, the tub is one of the best amenities as they can freely enjoy the water before and after swimming.

And then it’s time to swim…

The pool is indeed huge and kids friendly, too. They have lifeguards as early as 9am.
My kids were able to swim freely and safely.

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