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Urbanitea and SamgyupOTG – Start your own business for as low as Php68,000

Urbanitea and SamgyupOTG – Start your own business for as low as Php68,000

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It’s a no-brainer that when it comes to business, refreshing beverages are one that tops here in the country. Milk Tea shops are ubiquitous. We see one on every corner of the streets. But does it ever occur to you on owning one?

Facade UrbaniTea

Vivien Nicdao is a mother and a housewife who started selling milk tea in front of her children’s school. It became a hit and now, there are hundreds of UrbaniTea in the country. She then travels to Taiwan to get all her ingredients and products for UrbaniTea.


This branch in Tomas Morato has UrbaniTea, Samgyup OTG, and YumMie Pizza all under 1 roof and open for franchise. To date, UrbaniTea has 250 branches nationwide.


Samgyup-On-The-Go is a clever way of presenting Samgyupsal in a cup, top with Lettuce, Kimchi, and drizzled with some Mayo. This concept was born during the pandemic. She thought of providing food that’s easily accessible and instead of the usual unlimited, they have it ala carte.

Did you know that Samgyup On The Go now has more than 100 franchise stores nationwide?

YenMarc Foor Cart aims to connect with long-term business partners who are into the Franchising Business model. With this, they’re hoping to help fellow Filipino to have their own businesses. The lowest rate to start with is only Php68,000 and with this, Yenmarc Food Cart will supply all the materials and provide branding and marketing support.

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